Quotes that matters

“Prarthana prabhu pase pahuchvani pankh che
Dhyan dhanino sakshatkaar karvani aank che”
“Prayers are the wings to reach the Lord,
Meditation is the eye to see the Lord”

“Samay malye, shanth ane mauna thaiya jaao
Paachi tamej cho!! Biju nahi!!”
“Whenever you get time, be calm and observe silence.
Feel absolute Your self !! No one else!!”

“Prarthana vina pavitrata nathi
Pavitrata vina dhyaan nathi
Dhyan vina prakash nathi
Ane prakash vina jnana (moksha) nathi!!”
“Without prayers, purity is far…
Without purity, meditation is far…
Without meditation, light is far…
And without light, eternal life is very far…”

“Dharmano dheya dhyan
Ane dhyan nu dheya swaroop anubhav!!”
“Religion leads to meditation,
Meditation leads to union with God!!”

“Je nitya aanandmay rahe che
te hamesha swatantra che”
“One who is ever in bliss,
Is ever free”

“Jnan ane dhyan na samanvay ma
jeevan no dheya che”
“Motto of life is
co-ordination of knowledge and meditation”

“Chanchal chitta te jnana, sthir chitta te dhyana
jnana etle bahaar na anubhavano sankalan!!
Dhyana etle, swanubhavoni sukhad skhano!!
“Waves of mind is knowledge, peace of mind is meditation,
Knowledge is collection of external experiences!!
Meditation means, moments of self realization!!

“Samarpit thaya shivay, samipya pamatu nathi!!
“Without complete surrender, proximity(to the Guru) is fruitless”

“Aapna vade koiyne dukha na thay teni kaalji lesho”
“Be careful that no one is troubled by you”

“Vishay, vysan ane veham prabhu bhajva de kem?”
“How one can pray along with desire, addiction and suspicion?”

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