Meditation / Dhyana is the core activity in the Shaktipat system. An aspirant is required to sit and meditate regularly. The Ashram has a group meditation hall that can accommodate about 65 persons at any given time. The meditation hall is of basement type to fulfill the requirement of a cave used for meditation by ancient saints in India.

The meditation hall is open for people from all faiths, irrespective of their meditation techniques. Group meditation is important in the Shaktipat parampara. Daily group meditation is held in the evening from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm, followed by the Ashram Prarthana (Prayers).

Specially designed mauna mandirs (meditation cells) have been constructed in the Ashram for persons who intend to maintain complete silence and intensively meditate. The mauna mandirs comprise of a living room with an attached toilet and bathroom along with a basement meditation cell. Aspirants are required to give advance requisition / notice for booking the mauna mandir. All the daily requirements of the Sadhak, such as tea, snacks, daily food, etc. are provided in the room itself so that the Sadhak can keep to himself without coming into contact with the outside world.

His Holiness Swami Madhav Tirthji Maharaj initiates deserving Sadhaks in the Shaktipat system by bestowing his grace on them. Sadhaks who follow other meditation systems also seek and obtain the help and grace of the Swamiji in furthering their spiritual practice(s).

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