Swami Omkaranand Trithji

Swami Omkarnath Tirthji

Swami Omkarnath Tirthji

The yogi who achieves or reaches the Brahman stage (realization) never talks about the future or the past, so was the case of Swami Omkaranandtirth maharaji . There is not much information available about his past life. Before wearing the saffron robes, he was serving the IndianArmy as an officer .His name was Ambalal. Those were the days of world war II.

The young Ambalal was willing to give up all worldly desires and wants to become a monk and practice austerity. H. H. 1008 Omkar Swamiji was residing at Omkar Ashram, Mount Abu . Ambalal came to Omkar Swamiji and put up his request for Diksha (initiation), but Omkar Swamiji taught him the principles of karma (desire-less work) and asked him to join the army to fight world war. Ambalal showed obedience and went straight to the battle field .When the war was over, he returned to Omkar Swamiji who by then moved to Sidhpur. Swamiji asked Ambalal to stay with him in the ashram and handed him over the charge of household work such as cleaning, operating flour mill, taking care of cows, etc. Swamiji also asked him to follow some simple spiritual practices. Ambalal followed every order with great sincerity.

Ambalal was very keen in opting initiation, but Swamiji did not give much attention to it After a few months Ambalal left the ashram with the thought that initiation is not in his fate. He went to Vadodara and started a business in partnership, but it was a failure. Ambalal once again decided to walk on the spiritual path and left for pilgrimage to Girnar. Here Ambalal received a telepathic message from Omkar Swamiji who asked him to come Sidhpur. Even though Omkar Swamiji was suffering from paralysis, he received Ambalal with great compassion and initiated him in the Sanyasi order with new name Swami Omkaranand Tirth. Omkar Swamiji also initiated him in Shaktipat meditation and later on empowered him to initiate others.Swami Omkaranandtirthji was willing to stay with his Master and serve him, but Omkar Swamiji ordered him to take charge of the Omkar Ashram at Mount Abu and made him his successor. He took charge of the Omkar Ashram in very adverse conditions, but with the grace of Omkar Swamiji he overcame all the difficulties .He latter on established a new ashram at Chitrod in Junagdh District and made it as his headquarters.

Swami Madhav tirth received his Sanyas initiation from Swami Omkaranand Tirthji at the Chitrod Ashram. He initiated many people in to Shaktipat meditation .Though he was liberal, he was a very strict disciplinarian. He completed many of the left over works of Omkar Swamiji.

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