Shri 108 Shri Swami Shankar Purshottam Tirthji Maharaj

Swami Shankar Purshottam

Swami Shankar Purshottam

Without any exception to any one else ‘ 108 Shri Swami Shankar Purshottam Tirthji Maharaj’ is the highest manifestation of recent ‘Shaktipat’ Guru Parampara, after ‘Shri 1008 Shri Gangadhar Tirthji Maharaj’ . On the occasion of administering Brahmchari Diksha to Shankar Purushottam Tirthji , Swami Shri Narayan Tirth Dev Maharaj expressed that he desired that he woud have taken him to Swami Gangadhar Tirthji Maharaj himself for diksha but as he has left this mortal world much before ; Shri Narayan Tirth Devji himself initiated him into Brahmchari Diksha .

Swami Shri Shankar Pushottam Tirthji Maharaj was born on Baishakh Shukla Shashthi at Lakshmipur in Tripura district of Bengal in 1890. His name was Rohini kumar and his father’s name was Parassana kumar Chatopadya. Rohini Kumar lost his mother in early childhood and missed her very much but he consoled himself and his younger brothers by saying that their mother now had become ‘Divine Mother’ and she was in better position to guide them. He was a gifted spiritual child and would take great pleasure in meditation. He often dreamt of gods and goddesses and spent much time in worship.

For self-realisation and spiritual bliss he would give up worldly things very easily. He spent as much time possible with holy persons. By looking a his deep conviction and devotion Swami Narayan Tirtrh Dev Maharaj administered Shaktipat Diksha onto him and later on Brahmchari Diksha in 1910 at his Ashram at ‘Vinotiya’ on Akshaya Tritiya. A new name, Swami Atmanand Prakash Brahmchari was given to him. He stayed with Swami Narayan Tirth Maharaj for about eight years. He worked in the ashram and had total surrender to his guru, he always called himself Gurusewak even later on in his life when he himself adorned ‘ gurupad ‘ of great repute and respect. After the indication from Swami Narayan Tirth Dev Maharaj Swami Atmanand Prakash Brahmchari expressed his desire to go for Dandi Sanyas Diksha. Swami Narayan Tirth Dev guided him to Shankarachaya of Gowardhan Peetham of Jagganathpuri and he was honorably administered Donda Sanyas Dixsha by him in 1926 at Delhi camp and the name Shri Shankar Purshottam Tirth was given to him.

Shri Swami Shankar Purshottam stayed in Kashi and some times went to Uttarkashi in Himalaya. His disciples there made an ashram named ‘Shankar Math’ in Uttarkashi in1932. Then Swamiji often stayed in this math. Since Uttarkashi was quiet away from even Uttar Pradesh, an another group of disciples from Kashi made an ashram at Kashi itself and named it ‘ Sidhayog Sadhan Ashram ’ in 1934 and Swamiji stayed in this ashram during winter and would spent hot summer in Uttarkashi in Shankar Math.

He propagated the shaktipat tradition through quite a few influential disciples. The most knowm of them who have received the sanyas diksha form him are Swami Loknath Teerth Maharaj who worked in Gujarat and Maharashtra, Swami ShivTeerthji and Swami Vishnu Teerthji(who worked in M.P. and U.P.)

Swami Shankar Pushottam Teerthji has written four books: 1.Yogwani 2.Guruwani, 3. Jap Sadhana in Bengali and 4. Who am I ,in English. He accepted every attainment as a ‘ Guru-prasad ‘ and every as’ Guru-Seva ‘.