Omkar Swami

Swami Omkarnath

Swami Omkarnath

H.H. Omkar Swamiji was born in a bramhin family in a small town Paldi. His name was Damodar. In his childhood he was of a shy and happy go lucky kind of nature. As he was born in a well to do family , bought up in comfort .It is said that childhood shows footprint of future. Damodar used to form SHIV LINGAM out of clay and worship with leaves and flowers . He used to spend his time doing japa (repetition of the holy name) for hours. He was not much interested in schooling, but due to his family pressure he completed matriculation.

Damodar got married soon and stated business in Mumbai, but his marriage did not last more than couple of years due to the demise of his wife. This was the turning point in Damodr’s life and his suppressed quest for spirituality surfaced very strongly and he started moving all over the India, visiting pilgrimages.He mastered Astang Yoga in this period .During his journey he met H.H. Swami Amitirthji , who initiated Damodar in the Shaktipat meditation and in sanyas. His sanyasi name was not known as he used to say ‘OM’ and in response was known as Omkar Swami.

The king of Sirohi state was a disciple of the Swamiji and he built ashram for him at mount Abu in Rajasthan. The name of the ashram was OMKAR ASHRAM. Swamiji came to ashram in 1935 and stayed within the precincts of the ashram for 12 long years , that is till India became independent. In the ashram every one was required to work together, irrespective of their social and financial status. Swamiji was very strict at the same time very loving and caring.He used to stay away from the crowd and was reluctant to make disciples. But one can not hide musk as its fragrance spreads all over. This was true with Swamiji. Many kings and landlords of the British ruled India become disciples of the Swamiji. Many of them wanted to appoint Swamiji as their Raj Guru (spiritual master) but he denied. He never accepted any form of wealth from anybody nor asked for anything.

Swamiji established another ashram at Sidhpur in north Gujarat. Sidhpur is known for the Great rishi Kapil, known as pioneer of Sankhya yoga. Omkar Swamiji was also known as Sankhya Yog Divakar of India. Swami Madhav tirth received his Brahmacharya diksha form Omkar swamiji.

On 18/11/1951 Omkar Swamiji left his mortal body and got united with the infinite.

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